12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Morning


When I was a kid, Christmas morning in my family started early, with the four of us gathered around the tree in our coziest pajamas. There would be homemade eggnog from a family friend and Mom would set out a tray of my grandmother’s stollen (German Christmas bread), cookies of all shapes and sizes, a box of See’s candies, and Dad’s famous raspberry muffins. I would eat at least two of every kind of cookie and as many chocolates and raspberry muffins as I could fit into my face. Later in the morning, Mom would make my favorite egg and cheese casserole with tortilla strips and chiles, and I would chow down, again. It was delicious, but not the healthiest way to start the day.

Now that I have Beachbody’s nutrition wizards on my side, I can enjoy my Christmas morning with healthier versions of all of my childhood favorites (except the box of chocolates). So, here are 12 recipes that are sure to please, whether your holiday morning consists of a simple smoothie, a table of nibbles next to the tree, or brunch with family and friends. While we don’t recommend cookies for breakfast, if that’s your holiday tradition, try one of these yummy 21 Day Fix-Approved holiday treats.


Egg Dishes

Tex-Mex Scrambled Eggs and Veggies (Migas)
This traditional Tex-Mex breakfast scramble with crunchy tortilla strips, onions, tomatoes, and peppers is known as Migas. It has 229 calories per serving, and the servings are hearty. This is very similar to my mom’s recipe, and it’s always a crowd pleaser. Her version has a can of diced green chiles for a little extra heat. Get the recipe.

Frittata with Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, and Parmesan
This festive frittata has the colors of the season and is easy to make for your spread on Christmas morning. Swap out chard for spinach, kale, or broccolini if you prefer. Get the recipe.


Mini Denver Quiches
If your holiday breakfast table involves lots of nibbles, try these mini Denver quiches made with ham, cheese, and bell pepper. They are perfect bite-sized appetizers with only 73 calories apiece. Get the recipe.


Muffins and More

Gingerbread Protein Pancakes
Treat your family to these light and fluffy gingerbread pancakes with holiday spices. They have the texture of traditional pancakes, but these wholesome hotcakes have a boost of protein to keep you satisfied during a marathon gift-opening session. Get the recipe.


Blueberry Maple Muffins
These blueberry muffins taste — and smell — incredible. One whiff of them fresh from the oven and you won’t be able to wait until they hit your plate. Ever since I was a child, my dad has made raspberry muffins on Christmas morning. The blueberries in this recipe could easily be swapped for red raspberries or you can do a mix of half and half! Get the recipe.


Zucchini Bread
This healthier take on zucchini bread has all of the moisture and flavor you expect from a homemade loaf, thanks to applesauce and coconut oil. Add a dash of nutmeg and ginger for extra holiday flavor. Get the recipe.



Cranberry Orange Oatmeal
Did Santa leave oranges in your stocking? Make your morning cozy and warm with hearty steel-cut oats topped with zesty orange and cranberries. Get the recipe.


Baked Vanilla Oatmeal with Nutmeg
Still wrapping gifts on Christmas morning? Before you start, make this recipe. There’s only a few ingredients to mix together before you pop the dish in the oven. When it’s time for gift giving, breakfast will be ready. Add a chopped apple and sprinkle of cinnamon for even more flavor. Get the recipe.


Holiday Spice Oatmeal
Holiday spice and everything nice (and healthy) is exactly what you’ll find in this seasonally-inspired oatmeal. Get the recipe.



Creamy Candy Cane Shakeology
Skip the sugar sticks and reach for this smoothie that tastes like a candy cane. With only four ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier to whip up some holiday cheer! Get the recipe.


Cinnamon Roll Shakeology
Warm, fluffy, cinnamon rolls slathered in icing are the thing of a sugar-lover’s dreams. This Cinnamon Roll Shakeology recipe pulls the best flavors from the sweet treat and transforms them into a healthy Shakeology drink. It does have coffee in it, so as much as it might taste like a dessert, it’s totally acceptable to have for breakfast. Get the recipe.


Chocolate Eggnog Shakeology
This lighter, healthier version of chocolate eggnog is so good, you’ll want to drink it all season long. Good thing it’s under 200 calories! Get the recipe.

December 23, 2015   | BY:  Kirsten Morningstar

December 23, 2015 | BY: Kirsten Morningstar