Tony is truly passionate about his philosophy and works tirelessly to get his message out whenever he can.

Tony realizes that a lot of people, even those in occupations where fitness is important, struggle with exercise and nutrition. To help remedy this, he works with all five military branches worldwide on his “Ripped and Ready” tours, which help develop stronger, healthier troops. Additionally, he regularly travels to Capitol Hill to train members of Congress to promote change at the highest levels of government. He has also worked with First Lady Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move”campaign, to increase fitness awareness in an effort to abolish obesity in America. Tony realizes if he wants to promote change in this country, there’s no better place to start than at its core with military and government movers and shakers from both parties.

In addition to giving back to our country, Tony is highly sought after by leading Fortune 500 companies, universities, professional sports teams, celebrities, and a bevy of television and news shows, to impart his wisdom with his highly entertaining seminars and sweat-inducing workouts. Tony’s unique approach to knowledge and fitness through humor is something he likes to call “infotainment."

In his quest to reshape America’s views on health and fitness, Tony offers the very finest in inspiration, perspiration and education. There is no finer health and wellness public speaker on the circuit today. Book your consultation with his team now.

Anyone can regurgitate facts about health and fitness and lull an audience to sleep. I like to present the information in a way that’s exciting and enjoyable for everyone, and I try to get a few yucks in along the way.
— Tony Horton

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Listen to Tony speak live on Exploring Mind and Body about quality of life, health and dis-ease, having a long term plan, the differences between workout results for men and women, and so much more!

Tony introduces his skin care line, THCare along with his newest fitness program - 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout, live with “Jumpin" Jeff Walker on WKRZ. Check out the entire radio interview right here.


Tony is currently authoring his third book and continues to record segments for the Tony Horton “Bring It Minute,” a syndicated health and fitness radio minute that is available across the US.

Are expectations killing you? In an intimate conversation with host April Ford, Tony shares key experiences and life lessons that shaped his path to becoming the most influential man in fitness.


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Words cannot express how thankful I am this season for the gift of health that was afforded to me through Tony's generosity. Yesterday I did my final Fitness test for the P90x3 program that Tony gave me and it was amazing to see my results. I have lost over 46LBS in 90 days! It is had to believe that I weighed over 220LBS this year, and that I have transformed myself in such a small amount of time. In the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to offer my sincerest thank you to both of you for believing in me and providing the workout program that has undoubtedly changed my life. I love spending each day working out to the program, and look forward to possibly trying a new one out when Tony's next workout series is released. Thanks again for the generosity, as you truly gave me the greatest gift I have ever received.

I believe this program works, have seen this program work, and know that it can really help people "get into the shallow end" of the fitness pool as Tony H. puts it.  I am not done with P90X3..(my wife is continuing P90 for maintenance...she loves it)  I have 2 1/2 months left..and am still very much a work in progress..but I feel 1000% better, am stronger, sleep better, have TONS more energy, and all to a program that is doable, realistic, and a bucket o' fun!!

—Tony and Marta Schmidt

 I’m writing you this on my one year anniversary of P90x. I decided in January of 2015 I needed to make major changes to my life. It was like a perfect storm had hit. One January day, I watched a video of me golfing and couldn’t believe my belly hanging over my belt. The next day at work I got my health screening results and the numbers were staggering. My blood pressure was 161 over 107. My total cholesterol was 227, my HDL (you know the one that tells you if you're moving) was 19! Anything below 40 means death is looming. My weight was 185lbs. Those are not good stats for a 5’8” 36 year old husband and father of two. Needless to say I felt like crap mentally and physically. I’ve always been the athletic type but after having two kids the movement stopped and the eating habits tumbled. I knew I had to make changes fast. I wanted to make changes for my wife and kids. I didn’t want them to have a dad out of shape and content with a “dad bod”. I want my family to eat healthy and be in shape. I confided in my neighbor (who is a physical specimen) and he told me to YouTube Tony Horton and P90x. Man oh Manischewitz you sucked me in. Hook line and sinker. I knew I needed to try it so I order P90x and began my mission. The first month was tough but I muscled through it and kept pushing play. I followed P90x to the T for the entire year. I bought your books, I read your blogs, I followed you on YouTube. I got hooked. Over the year you taught me about diet, workout schedules, muscle confusion, rest weeks, sleep, yoga, consistency. The list goes on and on. As summer rolled around I found myself in yoga classes, completing Spartan races and running 5ks. One year later at 37, I’m in the best physical condition of my life. I’m 145 lbs and my cholesterol numbers are staggering, in the other direction. Total cholesterol is 170, my HDL is 61 and my BP is under 120 over 80. That’s the real before and after. I owe all of this to three people, my wife, myself and Tony Horton. I’ve told the other two thanks, so I’m writing this note to tell you. Thanks for the cheesy sayings, the charisma, the knowledge and the greatest at home workout routine ever produced. There’s no doubt you inspired me to change my life for good. People ask if I’m still working out and I say; every day for the rest of my life. Thank you Tony Horton!

—Carson L.