Are you Hiding or Seeking?

In my book, The Big Picture I talk about Hiders and Seekers as part of Law 8, Get Real.

I believe that there are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that avoid and blame while burying their head in the sand, and the kind that take responsibility, live from self-awareness and are willing to confront and acknowledge challenges.

People that respond in a positive, open way and are honest with themselves are in the Seeker category. The people, who react with fear, hate and don't want to face their own problems are usually the Hiders.

Now, I don't like to categorize people this way, as it seems so generalized, but in my experience, if you are not taking responsibility for your life and your behavior, then you are a victim of your circumstances, and that's usually not a good place to be.

Hiders, react. They spew venom, play victim or go into the woe-is-me attitude. They feel like the world is against them and they have no control over anything, even themselves. Hiders are afraid of change and don't like to try new things.

If you are someone who is fit and healthy and likes to take good care of yourself, then most likely you are on the Seeker side of the coin. Seekers take stock of their lives and are continually seeing how they can be a better version of themselves. They keep it real, if you know what I mean?

I have worked with many Hiders in my lifetimes. Usually they are overweight, out of shape and looking for every excuse in the book as to why they can't eat healthy or workout. They will say they've tried everything, and nothing works. They feel unlucky and out of control. But the truth is, they are not being truthful to me, and most importantly themselves. They skip workouts, eat foods that aren't good for them and they don't put in the time or keep themselves accountable. Their internal forces are failing them.

Look, I know life is complex and there are many things to manage and handle, but that doesn't mean you let it all go. The best way to manage life when it feels too much is to break it down in manageable pieces. Take responsibility and get real.

Even though it may be complex, it doesn't have to be complicated. Do you want to react to external forces with push-back and anger, or do you want to respond with grace and ease? The best way to do this is to have a plan. External forces will always be there, they will come at you no-matter-what.

So how do you successfully walk that tightrope without getting knocked off?  You make decisions from your internal compass, in the moment, that are in alignment with your plan. Your internal forces are paramount. They are everything.

So, how are you currently dealing with what life is throwing at you? Are you screaming at your kids when they get on your nerves? Do you shut down and give your partner the silent treatment after a bad day at work? Are you playing victim to a decision someone else made that affects you? If so, then you need to make a change. This way of reacting to life is stressful and will kill you.

Remember your Big Picture, and your plan will keep you in alignment with yourself and your responses to situations. By changing how you react to what life offers, you can become someone who chooses what to accept and creates they life you want to lead. It just takes practice in learning to recognize the things that don't matter so you can LET THEM GO.

Now get out there and try that on for size. Take a deep breath first.