New Year, Now What?

Most people feel inspired and motivated as they move into the New Year. A new year is like a new beginning, a time to start fresh, or even start over. It’s a chance to reset and reflect. Excitement is high and inspiration courses through our veins with a promise of bigger, better, bolder, stronger.

It’s easy to get caught up in setting multiple goals for yourself. I’m sure you have many, and that’s all good. I have my own, for sure. The important thing to have is FOCUS; focus on the Bigger Picture and what you want to experience as you go through this next year. How you want your life to look and feel.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Grows

Now I am definitely someone who does my best to stay present and live in the moment, because that’s where the real magic happens. And I also know how easy it is to lose focus by pining for some future goal or event.  It’s easy to put all your eggs in one proverbial basket for some down-the-road ambition.


Be Intentional & Set Realistic Expectations

Being intentional in your life will help you to achieve your goals, and being realistic when setting them is keyas well. If you look at your life and all the plates you have spinning in the air, is it realistic to gain 20 pounds of muscle this year, or lose 50 pounds of extra weight? Is it realistic to set a goal to travel the world, when you don’t have the time or the means?

As I expressed in my last blog, A Big Bold 2016 it’s important to set small, measurable steps for yourself so that you can feel like a success and not a failure. You want to gain ground, not lose it. Feeling like a failure is the surest way to get you to stop doing anything. How many times have you given up your streak of healthy eating because you ate a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies, or the like, and felt that once again you let yourself down?

Don't Give Up

You know what I say to that? Get right back on the horse. Look at where you veered, and pay attention to the behaviors that led you there. Revisit your Biggest Why and get back to basics. Just because you noshed over a dozen cookies doesn’t mean that you don’t move forward. You do. And, it’s equally important to look at where these behaviors stem from and what your motivation is behind them. Sometimes our inner saboteurs will get the best of us, but the bottom line is YOU have a CHOICE, and YOU are the ONLY ONE who can CONTROL what you put in your mouth and how you move your body.


So, as you continue forward into this shiny New Year of 2016, how will you be sure that you feel empowered and motivated to continue on the path toward your meaningful goals? I encourage you to take it one tiny step at a time, and celebrate your small wins, no matter how wee they are. This will keep you feeling encouraged, inspired and on track.

Go get em!