The Spirit of Giving

Well my friends, the holiday season is upon us and she shows no mercy. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it without ever giving a second thought to other people who may be in need, or those who do not have families or good food to eat.


Getting your last minute workouts in, attending Holiday parties while not trying to binge on Eggnog, balancing work and family time; all of these things are crucial at holiday time, but I’m very curious to know what you are doing to give back to your community this season.


How Giving Supports Your Health & Well-Being:

A recent Gallup poll survey on volunteering in the U.S.A. found that 52% of volunteers do it because they like doing something useful and helping others. Another 38% said they enjoy doing volunteer work and feeling good about themselves. Besides feeling good about yourself for doing something for others, giving back is also good for your physical health and helps to raise your confidence, get out there and GIVE A LOTTA LOVE!


Money Doesn’t Always Equal Happiness

When I was younger, all I dreamed about was being rich and famous...The Lamborginis, the extravagant vacations, the beautiful women, the amazing food... I thought it would solve all my problems and bring me utter happiness. Yes, being financially stable is wonderful and provides me a lot of freedoms, but what brings me the most joy is having the opportunity to give back. Working out with the Armed Forces all over the world is a specific time when I feel this the most. Being in a room full of men and women who give up their lives to serve us is an honor. I am able to provide a space for them to sweat it out, feel like a million dollars and, laugh till they can't laugh any more. And you know what? That’s better than any dollar bill I could ever hold in my hand.


How To Get Into the Spirit

Yes, I know you are super popular and Stephen Curry busy, but I know your brain is wondering how it can get into the spirit amongst juggling all your other obligations. Here are some ideas:

  •   Call your friends right now and set a date to volunteer at a charity that interests you. From animal shelters, to fitness charities to beach clean up, you're bound to find one you like - bonus points: you will break a sweat also to burn off those sinful butter cream holiday cookies!
  •   Research local happenings in your community and see who needs help.
  •   Be creative and come up with fun ways to give back, for example; host a free workout group at an orphanage...or even, dare I say, offer to do some handyman work for your Mother-In-Law.

Keep it Simple

Giving back doesn’t have to be time consuming or pricey; it could be as simple as doing something nice for a friend, or offering a ride to an elderly person. Heck, even taking your dog to the dog park can even spark the "Holiday Season Warm Fuzzies." You don’t have to spend hours on end in service, small random acts of kindness are a wonderful way to give back too.


Whatever it is, there are other people out there that need you. Take the focus off yourself for a few hours and see how it feels to be in the Spirit of Giving this season. I guarantee you'll be glowing with holiday cheer.


Happy Holidays from the Man!