Balance. Is it possible?



More often than not people ask how to find balance in all areas of their life;

Eating well, exercising, kids, work, family, social life, etc...

It's easy for most to focus on one area of life and do well, but finding balance in all areas can be tricky.


At its core, balance is as simple as this: if you find yourself focusing too hard on one area of your life, i.e.: exercise, take a step back, re-evaluate and see where you can spend some time focusing on another area instead.

This doesn't mean giving up exercising,


It just means you reassemble your time wisely, so that you can do other things you love. Is your job not fulfilling your "daily purpose" requirements? Re-evaluate, and see where you can spend time enjoying a hobby that will feed your soul.

Look, life is all about staying true to your purpose (Law 2), and anything that drags you down will not help you feel balanced, or support you in living out that purpose. Consistency and variety will always be part of keeping things in balance, always.


For example, a good workout should be an intense experience for some, but there needs to also be an aspect of fun to it. A solid relationship should support you in feeling safe and secure, but you need to stay on your toes and still show up, or else things could fall apart. It's always important to be aware and conscious of what's happening in the world around you, and especially the world inside of you.

Are you making good decisions for yourself?

Are you engaging in activities that feel good?

Or are you working all the time and then chauffeuring the kids all around town without ever thinking twice about what you need?

Balance comes when you learn to take good care of yourself in all areas. This doesn't mean that you need to spend 3 hours every day exercising, meditating or cooking good food. What it does mean is that spending 5 minutes or 5 hours on something you love that feeds your soul will provide more balance in your life than putting all your eggs in one basket.

You feel me?


I’m a huge fan of the word YES, but also, practicing the word NO will benefit you in feeling more balanced in your life.

Know when to speak up for yourself and do what feels good for you. Don’t always do what others expect you to do, or make a decision because you don't want to let someone down, even though you may feel badly for it. You deserve to make the best, informed choice for yourself.

The goal of balance is this;

1. Take advantage of opportunities for growth

2. Know your abilities and your limits

3. Protect yourself from harm and don't get in your own way.

Now, go get on a slack line and see what balance really feels like.


Until next time.....