Eat More & Lose Weight. What?


You CAN eat more and lose weight.

You heard me right. You may be thinking I am off my rocker, and at times I am (even I know that), but in this case listen up.
It's all about WHAT you eat. I try to eat 5 meals a day. I know I’m the fitness guy, but I’ve learned that when it comes to food, every morsel matters. If I was eating 5 meals a day consisting of processed and refined foods, you can bet I wouldn't be looking or feeling as good as I do. I'd be a sick and unhappy lifeless, overweight sloth living down by the river. This also doesn't mean that you get to eat to oblivion even when you're not hungry. It's about listening to your body and eating the right amount for you, so that you can live a productive athletic life. 


Food is the most important part of the health equation, and WHAT KIND OF FOOD YOU EAT is the key. 

Clean. Whole. Unprocessed. That's it. Put Fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, lean proteins and healthy fats into your body and your body will operate at it's most optimal and feel incredible. Your metabolism will be stoked as well, which leads to fat burning and weight loss.

Of course you need to get enough sleep, drink enough water and manage stress in your life, but when you are eating nutrient dense food, you can eat a heck of a lot more of it and NOT gain weight. You actually may even find you don't need to eat as much because your body is getting so much dense nutrition, fiber and freshness that you are not as hungry and you stay satisfied longer. 


Eating processed, refined franken-foods is a recipe for a health disaster. These foods dull the body from it's natural ability to feel satisfied. Obesity is STILL the fastest growing disease among adults and children today. 
Cut out the sugar, caffeine, white flour, white rice and any gooey, chewy foods that you know have been manufactured in a plant, not from a plant. 

The bottom line is this: Put Good Food in. Move Your Body Everyday. Manage Stress. Sleep Enough. Drink Plenty of Water. Laugh A lot & Health will be Yours!



Listen to your Uncle Tony. You will be happy you did!